Our NEW Leadership Development Program is meant to teach the fundamentals of leadership within a supportive and fun environment, and allow opportunity to practice and perfect those skills along-side peers with decades of leadership experience. At the conclusion of the 6 month period you will already be thriving in a Sectional Coordinator Position and help lead the results of an over $15-million Organization.

Over the Course of 4 months you will, Complete A Structured Developmental Plan consisting of:

  Week 1 - 4: Learn all Operational Team Member Roles, including:

  • The importance of Standardization with Process and Procedure
  • The importance of Relationships to Team Success

  Week 5 - 9: Learn Training Tactics and Apply to all Team Member, including:

  • The Completion of Our Coach Course, designed to prepare you to utilize our proprietary Training Tools and Techniques 
  • The responsibility of the team to self challenge and correct

  Week 10 - 12: Learn and Apply our System Management Process , including:

  • The completion of our Coordinator Training Program
  • Direct Partnership with a Current Restaurant Leader 
  • Participation in Regular Leadership Meetings

  Week 12 - 14: Learn to Lead People, and become a Servant Leader, including:

  • Completion of a Strength Finders Test and Application of results
  • Bi-weekly Developmental One-on-Ones with Top Leadership
  • Take real responsibility of operational shifts and results 

  Learn the Importance of a Culture of Care, including:

  • Dedicated time with our Franchise Owner 
  • Involvement in Culture Event Planning Sessions or events created specifically for the team to foster a healthy culture

  Have the Opportunity to be involved in Other Activities, including:

  • 100% Free College with over 25 Bachelor Degrees Available
  • External Leadership Classes and Seminars
  • Trips to Chick-fil-A Home Office in Atlanta
  • Assist in Grand Openings of New Chick-fil-A Restaurants 
  • Work on projects across multiple departments including Operations, Hiring, Training, Marketing, Inventory Management, Accounting, Human Resources, and More

  Requirements for LDP Candidate:

  • Successful Completion of all Training, Classes, and Programs
  • Successful Application of all Learnings
  • Work a minimum of 30 hours/week
  • Open availability (day/evening and Saturdays)‚Äč

At the Completion of this Developmental Program you will be prepared for success in a Sectional Coordinator Role, as you continue your leadership journey with us.